Alma Tierra




Coedition: Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Text by Julio Llamazares

Design: underbau

24 x 21 cm. 220 pages.  Hardcover

isbn: 978-84-09-14476-1

Price: 30€

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“Even though it only appears explicitly in some of the photographs in this book, in almost all of them we perceive the presence of the sign we’ve been seeing for years on our travels to so-called empty Spain and that sums up the message of this work by José Manuel Navia: FOR SALE. Everything is for sale: houses, land, horizons, even the souls of villages whose residents abandoned them in search of a better, or at least a less lonely, life. While urban and peripheral Spain grows disproportionately, inland and rural Spain are suffering in extremes that would surprise even Spaniards if, besides speaking of depopulation and abandonment as they often do of late, they decided to check the extension and importance of both phenomena for themselves.”

Julio Llamazares, from the text in the book

Navia (Madrid, 1957) Photographer and philosophy graduate. His photojournalism as a reporter has gradually moved towards a more personal and deliberated photography, always working in colour, always within the field of the documentary. His images, coming from profoundly Iberian sources, explore territories and peoples linked to their origins and culture in one form or another. He is fascinated by photography’s signifying power and its relationship to literature. He has been a member of the Vu agency, Paris since 1992.


ABC, por Bruno Pardo

EL PAÍS, por Manuel Morales, 28/11/19, y galería de fotos.

Diario de Teruel, por Miguel Ángel Artigas, 4/1/2020, en papel

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En el programa de Radio Nacional “Por tres razones”, de Mamen Asencio. 30/10/2019.

En el programa de radio Full Frame, con Julio Llamazares, 20/11/19.

En el programa de Radio Exterior “Punto de enlace”, 15/11/19.

“La hora extra” de Marta García, cadena SER, 15/12/19 (min. 2:45 a 16:35), y en su web

“Hoy por hoy”, Pedro Blanco, cadena SER , 6/12/19 (minutos 6:08 a 34:55)

“Los muchos libros” de Macarena Berín, cadena SER , 5/12/19

“La Tarde de COPE” de Pilar Cisneros, 25/11/19

con Julio Llamazares en el programa de Radio Exterior “A golpe de bit”, 29/11/19

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