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24×17 cm. 176 pages. Hardcover
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This book, the result of more than twelve years of work, is in some ways a reflection about the essential journey that is life itself, but told through the images of a photographer who has made that journey his chosen path and vocation. This book is concerned with seeing the world, hoping to recognise rather than discover; to know that by looking we will find ourselves as well in a journey to some extent circular, of a return to the beginning. the Greek word nóstos means journey or voyage; departure but above all, return. (Nóstos is also the root of nostalgia.) The first nóstos was The Odyssey and since then the journey has been the model and metaphor of human life.

Navia (Madrid, 1957) Photographer and philosophy graduate. His photojournalism as a reporter has gradually moved towards a more personal and deliberated photography, always working in colour, always within the field of the documentary. His images, coming from profoundly Iberian sources, explore territories and peoples linked to their origins and culture in one form or another. He is fascinated by photography’s signifying power and its relationship to literature. He has been a member of the Vu agency, Paris since 1992.



ABC Cultural, by Alfonso Armada

Interview with José Manuel Navia in El Norte de Castilla


El Confidencial, by Peio H. Riaño

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