Voyage en pays du Clermontois


Israel Ariño


Design: underbau

Color work: Clara Gassull

31 x 24 cm. 120 pages. Softcover
isbn: 978-84-09-12883-9
Price: 35€


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In the course of an artists’ residency in Diaphane, pôle photographique en Hauts-de-France, photographer Israel Ariño travelled the area of Clermontois between June 2017 and December 2018. During his travels he witnessed the changing of the seasons, contending with the unpredictability of the journey and his desire to photograph the intermediate spaces he found intriguing. In images that examine the past and at once reflect on the future, our memories of places sway between geographic recognition and temporal questioning. Colour here is an element of transfiguration, occasionally perverse, that urges us to reconsider our perception of the land and to subvert reality — in short, to poeticise it.

This work has been published thanks to the support of Diaphane, pôle photographique en Hauts-de-France. It has also received backing of Galerie VU and Grisart.

Israel Ariño (Barcelona, 1974). After graduating in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, between 1992 and 1998 Ariño trained in photography at different schools. In 2001 he became a professional photographer, and since then divides his time between teaching, working as a publisher at Ediciones Anómalas and creating his own art works. His works can be found in numerous private and public collections. His oeuvre is represented by Parisian Galerie VU.


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