Sucedió entre dos párpados


Castro Prieto


Coeditión: Fundación Antonio Pérez. Diputación de Cuenca

Bilingual edition: Spanish/ English

Text by Antonio Ansón

Design: underbau

23 x 15’5 cm. 80 pages. Clothbound hardcover

isbn: 978-84-09-57048-5

Price: 30€


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“The book, from its very title, occupies a space located between two eyelids. Eyelids serve the purpose of closing our eyes, and what Juan Manuel Castro Prieto does is close his eyes in order to see. For the gaze isn’t a physiological but a cultural function. We don’t see with our eyes, we construct reality, because the world is only an interpretation. As the Inuit says in an advertisement for Play Station 2 filmed by Kevin Thomas, ‘to see that place you don’t need eyesight, you need vision.’ Located, therefore, on this side of our eyelids, Castro Prieto presents his own vision of things. Between Two Eyelids is an invitation to discover his particular Mr Hyde, the one who matters to him, unsettles him, occasionally terrifies him, lovingly rocks him and takes him back to his origin.”

Antonio Ansón, from the text in the book

This book counted with the support and participation of Fundación Antonio Pérez. Diputación de Cuenca.