Res no passa dues vegades


Israel Ariño


Text by Caroline Bénichou

Design: underbau

Catalan/ Spanish/ English/ French

26 x 20 cm. Contains 2 leporellos of 980 x 260 mm. Softcover

isbn: 978-84-09-58343-0

Price: 35€

Special edition available here

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“Funnily enough, the title of this work (Nothing Happens Twice) evokes the mythology of the decisive moment, the photographic kairos that enables us to better understand preceding and following moments, quite the contrary to the work of Israel Ariño. In his case, nothing is pressing or immediate; there are no allusions to events or reality, and even less to truth. By means of photography he subverts the real: he doesn’t photograph the world for what it is but for what it conceals. This is what pervades his oeuvre — for him, photography isn’t a reflection of reality, it transcends reality.”

Caroline Bénichou, from the text in the book

This book has been published in the framework of the exhibition Res no passa dues vegades, by Israel Ariño, in Sala L’Escorxador of Museu de l’Empordà in Figueres from 23th February to 19th May 2024.




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