Registro pendiente


Jordi Guillumet and Mònica Roselló


Coedition: Comunidad de Madrid

Text: Marta Gili

Design: underbau

Bilingual edition: Spanish / English

24 x 18 cm. 118 pages. Softcover

isbn: 978-84-09-41338-6

Price: 30€




“The work Registro pendiente (Pending Register, 2021) by Jordi Guillumet and Mònica Roselló explores precisely such anthropology of the visible, analysing not so much the meaning of the images as the way in which, in so far as fragments of the world, they are able to embody sensitivity, the activities of the human spirit […]

The selection of photographs that form this book is a ballad of things seen or thought, organised according to shapes, silences, and intimate, poetic evocations. Laid down, one by one, page after page, these photographs appear and disappear, taking their time, mutually reminiscing, as if in the flow of slow breathing: a stone, a face, the sea, a mirror, a poem, a branch, a hand, a snake, a book, a body, a leaf, a path — in short, like an endless embrace of the living and the lifeless, of the present and the absent. An exaltation in images of the immense value of life, while it lasts.”

Marta Gili, from the text in the book


This Project is the winner of the Sixth Fotocanal Photobook Competition 2021, organized by the Comunidad de Madrid and Ediciones Anómalas.