Juan Sánchez


Coedition: Comunidad de Madrid

Design: underbau

English/ Spanish/ Catalan

23 x 31 cm. 80 pages. Hardcover

isbn: 978-84-09-52746-5

Price: 35€


Some places are so real that the idea of games of fantasy being played in them seems nonsensical. We could say that they are too real. Something similar is the case in la Panadella, a rural enclave situated atop a hill at a height of 710 metres above sea level between the basins of the rivers Llobregat and Segre. It has always been a thoroughfare to La Meseta plateau, to France, to coastal cities … A border between different regions and peoples. And as in all borders, the law was something remote.

This Project is the winner of the Seventh Fotocanal Photobook Competition 2022, organized by the Comunidad de Madrid and Ediciones Anómalas.




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