Fábrica de Tabacos



Coedition: Centro de Iniciativas Culturales (CICUS) de la Universidad de Sevilla

Bilingual edition: English/ Spanish

Text by Luis Méndez

Design: underbau

22 x 16,5 cm. 96 pages. Softcover

isbn: 978-84-09-59290-6

Price: 25€


“This book recovers the memory of the heritage of the tobacco industry in Spain, and does so by compiling black-and-white photographs of the factories that began to open throughout the country in the eighteenth century. These photographs feature Nicotiana tabacum plants and the development of their cultivation, as well as the farmers and harvesters who worked in the rural areas and the processors in the factories built in cities like Seville, Santander, Valencia, Bilbao or La Coruña. It isn’t an exhaustive register of either tobacco production or of the factory world, but a series of images evocative of the chain forged by the tradition of labourers and female cigar makers in the tobacco industry.”

Luis Méndez, from the text in the book