Mundos perdidos / Spanish edition


Miguel Romero


Portfolio that includes ten original works (15 x 21cm) signed by the artist.

Limited edition of twenty-five copies in Spanish. English edition available here.

The slipcase has been designed by underbau and produced by Mariya Alipieva.


Price: 200€




These are the remnants of the black box of a lost civilisation, only a few examples of what took place. The present and the future had quickly drawn together and time was shrinking in a depleted world. Everything had been disarranged and it made no difference whether it was a Monday or a Friday. The instructions to the planet had changed and the expiry date arrived without prior warning.

The manual to lost worlds had begun to lose its pages.


Miguel Romero (Sevilla 1971). Bachelor of Media and Communications. His work has been exhibited in different countries. He combines teaching work at University of Sevilla with audiovisual production.

These ten lost worlds form a part of an open series that the artist began in 2011.


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