Los huesos del agua


Luis González Palma


Coeditión: Fundación Antonio Pérez. Diputación de Cuenca

Bilingual edition: Spanish/ English

Text by Javier Payeras

Design: underbau

23 x 17 cm. 192 pages. Clothbound hardcover

isbn: 978-84-09-37985-9

Price: 30€


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What goes unsaid, chance, obsessive images, reflections on the language of photography … these are some of the elements we come across on the groundbreaking path opened up by Luis González Palma. The Guatemalan photographer creates personal images that are constellations in a world – a world all his own – reached through beauty, surprise and the interpretative keys he offers us. Turning to the oeuvre of composer John Cage, González Palma captures silence and the void. Through the myth of the Annunciation in Renaissance painting he expresses desire and absence. The loincloth covering Christ in canonical works triggers his abstract images that challenge the disappearance of the sacred. The artist associates sunspots with the shapes of insect-bitten leaves. This hazardous journey has led him to accept fortuitousness, that which emerges unintentionally, and the underlying connections between all things in his formation of images that linger in our memory long after having fascinated viewers.

This book counted with the support and participation of Fundación Antonio Pérez. Diputación de Cuenca


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