Sergio Castañeira


Design: underbau


21 x 28 cm. 80 pages. Hardcover

isbn: 978-84-09-56722-5

Price: 35€



‘Diving into the sea at Zahora (Cádiz) on 15 August 2014, I suffered an accident that caused a spinal injury at level C5. I was left needing a wheelchair and, among other things, lost the capacity to manipulate with either hand. I’m quadriplegic. After spending a year in hospital I entered CRMF, a recovery centre for the physically and psychologically handicapped in San Fernando, under the umbrella of IMSERSO, a welfare organisation and social services for the elderly, where I remained from November 2015 to March 2020 (precisely when the pandemic was gathering force). Throughout this period I went back to taking photographs in a traditional manner using my mobile phone (after more than a year without being able to do so). It was a reencounter with photography and, at the same time, a therapy that was a part of the process of adapting to my new life. Like a diary, the images and reflections that appear in this book bear witness to my sojourn there.’

Sergio Castañeira

This book counted with the support of Fundación Provincial de Cultura.Diputación de Cádiz.




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