The best photography books out now. The Telegraph

Ressenya de Transmontanus, de Salvi Danés, a The Telegraph, per Gemma Padley.

Photography may not be able to bring back what’s passed, but for some it can provide a way to explore deep-rooted emotions and memories. Upon returning to the home in which he’d spent much of his childhood in northeastern Catalonia , Salvi Danés found he could reconnect with his past by taking photographs of his partner, friends and family. These images of contorted figures within the landscape, obscured faces, and strange insects, for example, became a visual diary for the young photographer. He describes the resulting body of work as a “topographic fable… where biography and topography mix.” The book’s title loosely translates from the Latin as “further from the mountains”, an appropriately lyrical description for a series of striking black and white images that play with shadow and light, teetering between a dream world and reality. Contemplative and playful, Transmontanus is a rediscovery of childhood through an adult’s eyes, a realisation, as Danés puts it, that, “neither we, nor our landscapes, will ever be the same again.” By Gemma Padley